Infinity Firearms SVI Stacatto Adjustable Trigger


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Infinity’s Stacatto Adjustable Trigger offers easy adjustments to both take-up and over-travel. Fine tune your trigger to exactly how you want it with the turn of an allen key. To further customize your gun and make it your own, we offer our triggers in a variety of color options and sizes, as well as two different hammer styles and three different finishes.

The kit includes:

  • Trigger and Bow
  • Take-Up Adjustment Screw
  • 0.050″ Allen Key

The trigger itself should be drop in ready but may require slight fitting by competent pistolsmith. If you want to utilize the take-up adjustment, you will need to drill a 5/64″ hole in the top of your grip to inlay the take-up adjustment screw. A template will be provided along with in-depth instructions. Compatible with your stock thumb safety. Grip not included.

Trigger Sizing Guide:

  1. Hold your index finger and thumb in the shape of an L, with your thumb perpendicular to your index finder.
  2. Measure from your index finger to your thumb, utilizing the flat portion of your thumb next to the webbing.

Flat Trigger Sizing:

  • Under 5″: XS
  • 5-5.5″: S
  • 5.5-6″: M
  • 6″+: L

Curved Trigger Sizing:

  • Under 5.5″: S
  • 5.5″-6″: M
  • 6″+: L



Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

Black, Blue, Red, Silver


Extra Short Flat, Short Flat, Medium Flat, Long Flat, Short Curve, Medium Curve, Long Curve


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